Al-Azhar Observatory to Launch "Patriotism," a new media campaign in 13 languages

  • | Thursday, 22 April, 2021
Al-Azhar Observatory to Launch "Patriotism," a new media campaign in 13 languages

     Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism is set to launch a new media campaign entitled "Patriotism" with the aim of raising awareness of the significance of homeland. The campaign coincides with anniversary of the Tenth of Ramadan War, the historic epic where the Egyptian army emerged victorious and regained the Egyptian lands.
The campaign includes a number of messages that educate young people about the value and importance of homeland, and the role they should serve to achieve development, prosperity and protection for their country in the face of the enormous challenges and the relentless efforts made by the extremist groups to destabilize their homeland.
The campaign comes at this time in particular after the tone of hostility and incitement against homelands has risen in the statements of terrorist organizations, which necessitated a response by the Observatory to the allegations of these groups that have always reiterated that homelands and borders are just extraneous concepts introduced by the imperialist forces to serve their interests, which made them deny the value of homeland and even seek to ruin it by planting their extremist ideology and making it transcend the borders that they deny. 
Through the campaign messages to be published in 13 different languages, the Observatory refutes the extremist allegations that contradict the sound religious teachings about the love of homelands. The Prophet (PBUH) presented a sublime example of patriotism and loyalty to homeland. When he was expelled out of Mecca, he said: “You are the dearest land to my heart. Had your people not expelled me out of you, I would never have left you.” We find in these words an emphasis on the significance of homeland, a thing which the campaign will highlight in short direct messages that address the hearts and minds together.

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