Al-Azhar‏ ‏Strongly ‎Rejects an Indian ‎Official's Statement ‎Abusing Prophet ‎Muhammad (PBUH) ‎and Lady Aisha

  • | Monday, 6 June, 2022
Al-Azhar‏ ‏Strongly ‎Rejects an Indian ‎Official's Statement ‎Abusing Prophet ‎Muhammad (PBUH) ‎and Lady Aisha

Al-Azhar: Insulting ‎Prophet Muhammad ‎‎(PBUH) and his wives ‎is but impoliteness ‎and blatant ignorance ‎of Comparative ‎Religions and the ‎History of Prophets ‎and Messengers

Al-Azhar ‎expresses its strong ‎condemnation and ‎denunciation of the ‎blunt and disrespectful ‎statements against ‎Prophet Muhammad ‎‎(PBUH) and his ‎purified wife, Lady ‎Aisha, tweeted by the ‎official spokesperson ‎of the Indian Bharatiya ‎Janata Party (BJP) on ‎his official page. Al-‎Azhar stresses that this ‎statement revealed ‎blatant ignorance of ‎the history of Prophets ‎and Messengers, who ‎represent the highest ‎level of morals, virtues ‎and morals and who ‎were protected by ‎Allah, the Almighty, ‎from falling into vices ‎or committing any sins ‎‎– minor or major. ‎
Al-Azhar ‎considers what this ‎ignorant reckless ‎official said about ‎great humanitarian ‎figures as frequently ‎repeated absurdity by ‎those who hold a ‎grudge against Islam ‎and Muslims, ‎reaffirming meanwhile ‎that this act represents ‎a real form of terrorism ‎that could lead the ‎whole world to deadly ‎crises and devastating ‎wars. Therefore, the ‎international ‎community must ‎firmly and strongly ‎respond to such ‎abusers to put an end ‎to the risks they pose.‎
Fully aware of the ‎inclination of some ‎political officials to ‎insult Islam and the ‎honorable, chaste and ‎pure Prophet ‎Muhammed (PBUH) ‎to win votes in party ‎elections and fan ‎resentment among ‎their followers against ‎Muslims, Al-Azhar ‎views such acts as an ‎explicit call to ‎provoking extremism, ‎hatred and sedition ‎among followers of ‎different religions, ‎stressing that this is the ‎behavior of the ‎advocates of ‎extremism, supporters ‎of hatred and sedition ‎and enemies of the ‎policy of dialogue ‎between followers of ‎different religions, ‎civilizations and ‎cultures.‎
Al-Azhar re-‎emphasizes that the ‎civilized world must ‎fulminate against those ‎who abuse religions ‎and lofty humanitarian ‎values in ballot boxes ‎and political circles‏.‏

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