Al-Azhar denounces the Zionist entity’s terrorism in Gaza

  • | Saturday, 6 August, 2022
Al-Azhar denounces the Zionist entity’s terrorism in Gaza

     Al-Azhar condemns in the strongest terms the Zionist entity’s terrorism in Gaza, which has led to the killing and wounding of dozens of Palestinian civilians, including children and women. Al-Azhar denounces this unreasonable and unacceptable global silence that gives the Zionist entity immoral encouragement to continue its violations of human rights and repeated attacks against our innocent Palestinian brothers. 
 Al-Azhar reaffirms that such violations by the Zionist entity, including targeting safe civilians; usurping homes, lands and property; expanding settlements; and altering the historical and legal reality of Palestinian cities are a disgrace to the international community and humanity. Al-Azhar emphasizes the necessity of the Arabs and Muslims taking a unified stand to support the Palestinians and their just cause and legitimate struggle. 
Al-Azhar extends its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs and the Palestinian people, asking the Almighty Allah to grant them patience and solace and to bestow His mercy and forgiveness on the Palestinian martyrs, and wishes speedy wellness and recovery for the injured.

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