Listen and speak.. Youth and the Religious Institution

  • | Sunday, 30 October, 2022
Listen and speak.. Youth and the Religious Institution

Forum Title: Youth and the Religious Institution: Listen and Speak  II
The forum aimed to bring together representatives of young people with 16-28 years of age from various Egyptian universities and different religions and social backgrounds to listen to their views and discuss them in an informed intellectual debate with the aim of rebuilding bridges of trust and dialogue between them and the religious institution, identifying their problems and formulating a number of recommendations that would contribute to enhancing communication between the youth and the religious institution and upholding the value of constructive dialogue.

The forum had four main themes, as follows:
1. Freedom between discipline and chaos
2. Dialogue and its impact on combating extremism and building human peace
3- Homosexuality: Instinct or Attitude?
4. Women between religion and traditions.


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