AOCE stance on the Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar school massacres

  • | Sunday, 19 November, 2023
AOCE stance on the Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar school massacres

     After the UNRWA-affiliated Al-Fakhoura School massacre, which claimed the lives of dozens, no ‎appeals or words can effectively express the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip anymore. ‎This was a test for the remnants of humanity that we were striving to preserve, and yet ‎everyone failed. Let us use the past tense since any serious move to resolve this situation will not ‎change the fact that more than 12,000 fell as martyrs and tens of thousands were injured, mostly ‎disfigured or maimed, due to the daily use of weapons banned under international law against ‎civilians.‎
Likewise, we are no longer capable of tracking the number of martyrs as it changes every minute. ‎Communications in the Gaza Strip are disrupted due to the depletion of fuel, and entire families ‎are buried under the rubble, knowing that ceaseless intense bombardment left them no time to ‎leave.‎

We all failed the Gaza test, and the Palestinians succeeded in exposing the lies of the occupation ‎in full view of the world despite the supporting propaganda and political machine. First of these ‎lies is the claim that the people of Historic Palestine sold their land decades ago to the Jews. ‎Despite Zionist terrorism, more than 800,000 Palestinians are still in the northern Gaza Strip, ‎refusing to give up their land. What the world is witnessing today clearly reveals to us the truth ‎about what had happened in 1948, of the no less bloody massacres aiming to steal the ‎Palestinians’ lands by terrorizing them and forcing them to leave.‎

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