Grand Imam's Word lailatul Qadr 1445H

  • | Saturday, 6 April, 2024
Grand Imam's Word lailatul Qadr 1445H

I hereby call upon the scholars of the nation to raise, without delay, to the epochal necessity of a ‘pan-scholar unity’ that brings together the Sunni, Shite, Ibadi, and other Muslim icons who share the same Qiblah. It is a unity of hearts and emotions, advocated by their minds and sciences, to set crystal-clear boundaries of what must be indisputable points of agreement and what tolerates different opining. In so doing, we need to follow the model of diverse opining set forth by the companions and early followers of the Prophet (PBUH). Fortunately, it has been a model of diversity rather than disagreement, much to the ensuing enriched Islamic fields of knowledge. This is how these have come to be endless sources of facilitation, tolerance, compassion, and leniency. Readopting this civil model would help shut the door to contemporary disputes and disagreements that have bequeathed us disparity, dispute, grudge, and feud; leaving us easy bites to enemies and ill-intentioned lurkers.