Cries Rise ... Recognitions Ensue

  • | Saturday, 22 June, 2024
Cries Rise ... Recognitions Ensue

     Amidst vigilant observation by Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism concerning the Palestinian cause and the aggressions of the Zionist entity on Gaza and the occupied territories, along with the distress of women and children there, the news that Armenia has officially recognized the State of Palestine has captured headlines. Armenia’s endorsement of the Palestinian statehood is rooted in its commitment to international law, the principles of equality and sovereignty, and the peaceful coexistence among nations, as per a declaration from the Armenian Foreign Ministry.
Al-Azhar Observatory appreciates this affirmative official action, which aligns with similar actions by Spain, Ireland, and Norway. These actions highlight the criminal nature of the occupying entity and the missteps in the unwavering Western support it receives. Concurrently, the Observatory reiterates its appeal for adherence to internationally recognized decisions. These call for an immediate ceasefire in the Palestinian territories and uphold the Palestinian people’s right to establish their sovereign state.

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