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The Islamic Solution to our Problems is the Best,...
Mohamed Helal 369

The Islamic Solution to our Problems is the Best,...

Why is the Islamic solution to our problems the best, the ideal and the most successful?[1]

     There is a widespread feeling that the Muslim Nation, in the recent era, has suffered some complex failures and many social dilemmas!

The Ottoman Caliphate government had been called the "sick man". Soon, this sick man passed away and some other governments shared his legacy. Has the weak governance been cured; have the diseased governments been recovered; and has the pendulum of the Muslim Orient swung to the movements of steady reform and advancement?

     I do not think that the present is any better than the past. All Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular have been reeling from the blows of Israel, which established its power over their material and moral ruins.

Not a wise person can claim that this situation indicates healthy or safe positions.

     The sick man is back in the shape of persons, who forcibly rule their nations, ignorantly address their deficiencies, arrogantly silence their advisors, and idiotically justify the disgraceful defeats so that they could remain in power until Allah decrees something that would be effective in making a change.

     I once looked at the program of a communist reform-claiming leader, who used to cover himself with some false titles and slogans. I said, “It is a failed experiment”. Someone asked me, “Why?” I said, “Can tea be grown in the Middle East?” The answer is ‘no’. Neither the soil accepts sowing, nor hunger helps growing. It is an unfruitful effort. He said, “The army, the press, etc. support him.” I said, “Nevertheless. If everything is going to back him, the experience is doomed to failure. He may control bodies but he cannot control hearts. He may be surrounded by some groups of mercenaries and other unlawful-gain lovers; however, he will lose everything at the time of serious deeds.

     This Muslim Nation can only be reformed by its religion, after completing its grave missing elements and excluding the grave myths that had been attached to it.

     By nature, our nation is hard to accept any non-Islamic solution. Many bloody attempts will be made to force it to take drugs that it does not want; and energy of both the people and the state will dissipate in the process.

Amid this internal contradiction, global colonialism gains its battles and imposes itself.

     In this respect there are two facts that need to be explained. First, Islam is the echo of human instinct and the gist that all the prophets proclaimed to self-restrain humans and to guide the world to its One Lord.

     Islam did not come to contradict Moses or Jesus (peace be upon them). Rather, it came to revive what they had said and was lost in the past. Allah says,

“You are not told anything that the previous messengers were not told: your Lord is a Lord of forgiveness, but He is also one of painful punishment”. (41: 43)

     If Islam is a message to reform the world with Allah’s revelation, how come that it fails to reform the nation that carried and communicated it?

The second truth is that the Arabs have made history only through this religion. Unless the Arabs had entered under the banner of Islam, their civilization, leadership and sovereignty would never have been established. Thus, how could a nation be ordained to forget its identity, civilization and history? This is an ordainment of committing suicide! Unfortunately, that is the dirty task that some apostate politicians have been carrying out.

What was the punishment that the Arabs received for living without religion on the days of their ancestors, namely ‛Ᾱd, Thamūd and Madyan? They were shaken by the earth and stoned by the sky so severely that they were destroyed and the world was purified by getting rid of them.

Then, Allah chose Muḩammad and his people to establish a righteous ruling whose foundation is the Arabic Qur’ān, and the practice of Muḩammad, peace and prayers of Allah be upon him, the inspiring guide. Allah, the Almighty, said to man whom He entrusted with the reform of the earth,

“So, We have sent down the Qur’ān to give judgement in the Arabic language. If you were to follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you would have no one to guard you or protect you from Allah.” (13: 37)

     Therefore, how can one of the followers of Muḩammad (pbuh) be ordained to remove their knowledge and follow the caprices of the East or the West that bear all kinds of evil?

     The Arabs can be reformed only by Islam alone. It is Islam that has removed their ignorance and has taken them out of darkness into light. One may be shocked and stumble, then he wakes up and sees his way. Allah the Almighty says, “Those who are aware of Allah think of Him when Satan prompts them to do something and immediately they can see straight.”(7: 201) Similarly, the Arabs may be sometimes misguided and some other times spoiled by luxury and vanity. Then, their conscience may prick them and then they repent; their hearts may else remain so hard that the whims of external invaders would afflict them, and the enemies would wander through their homes, but then they would regret and rush back to Allah Who accepts them and allows them to prevail against their enemies.

     Today, we want to remove the dust of defeat from us to resume our march as we used to. I mean, this happens in the same way as our early ancestors did.

     To achieve this end, there must be some factors that can only be realized by Islam.

     We want the workers who are aware of Allah in retreats, so they do not neglect their duty, betray their trust, extend their hands to bribes, or look for what belongs to them, and ignore what is incumbent upon them.

We need teachers and students who are happy with knowledge, interested in research, keen on books, and who see scholarship as an act of worship, consider achievement as supererogatory night prayers, and deem benefitting the nation with any kind of science an act of drawing closer to Allah..

     We need farmers, manufacturers and merchants who develop their nation's economy as they grow their wealth; ones who realize that the wealth of the nation makes it capable of preserving its honor and rights, that financial jihād is the counterpart of psychological war, and that nations that beg for aids from great powers never aim at a high mission as long as their hands are kept low in dire need.

     We need people who keep public monetary and observe Allah's right to it, and consider taking any part of it improperly unfaithful. Allah the Almighty says,

“Anyone who would ever dishonestly take something from the battle gains will carry it with him on the Day of Resurrection”.

     We need rulers who do not worship themselves; ones who are absolved of the paranoia and the passion for power; ones who know that every president comes on the Day of Resurrection with his hands tied up to his neck. They, as was mentioned in the Sunnah of the Prophet, may be redeemed by their justice or destroyed by their tyranny.

     The rulers of the Muslims have recently been unfaithful to Allah and His Messenger. They also caused great harm to their peoples and they almost abolished their traits of dignity and pride, due to their despotic humiliation of those whom Allah has honored and due to their undue honor of those whom Allah has humiliated.

Islam alone could realize these factors, without which we may have no real life. The situation is best described when Allah says,

“Surely, Allah does not change what is in a people until they change what is in themselves.” (13: 11)

     Perhaps some other nations could live for a short or a long period according to their respective material or moral philosophies that have nothing to do with heavens. Nevertheless, our nation’s mood and structure have been turned into a unique apparatus with only one key, that is the key of Islam. Without this key, all other attempts will inevitably be in vain.

Is there anyone of other sects and doctrines who abandoned his religion? The Jews came in a procession shaded by the Torah and the Talmud, and headed by hymns of David’s Psalms. The people between the North and the South poles saw the fierce religious allegiance and they did not deny its outcry, even though it was an outcry of butchers that defiled our cities and villages. However, nobody showed pity to us.

     Are all kinds of allegiance acceptable except that to Islam? Is every solution good except the Islamic?

     It is high time for those Arab politicians, who ignore Islam and ask their nation to turn its back on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, to disappear forever. In fact, they produced unbearable, pointless chattering and outstayed their welcome.

     Nevertheless, the desired Islamic solution is at risk of forgery on such days in which the facts are suspended, and the fake muftis dare to falsify facts, portraying Islam as a religion that does not respect Shūra, object to the abuse of power, or care about injustice done to the masses.

     The Islamic solution does not require a genius for it to be perceived or portrayed; it is easy to be derived from the infallible sources of Islam. In fact, the obstacles of the arbitration of Islam are of moral nature rather than for any real reason. The Islamic solution is known by specialist scholars whom had been deliberately deported.

     The ‘Marxists’ in China and Russia complained of the rule of the individual; although their regimes were inherently authoritarian, they decided that their affairs would be run in a collective medium, in which they exchange views and search for the right. The group of the European countries insisted on being affiliated only with the so called ‘democratic’ rulers.

     The Arab and Muslim world is the only part of the world that lives in the fog of false claims and of nonsense. It is the only place in the globe where a ruler says, “I am the only decision maker”. It is the only place where it is said that a ruler may not be questioned about what he does!!

     Islam seems strange in this stinking stagnant atmosphere. The Islamic solution cannot be taken from the mouths of fools and liars.

[1] Muḩammad El-Ghazāli, “A Hundred Questions on Islam”, Al-Azhar Center for Translation (ACT), 2017, p. 105.




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